Kritikdetailansicht -  Petra Chiba Sopran

UNIDO HQ, Vienna, Austria; Inez Wijngaarde,Project Manager

Dear Petra, on behalf of UNIDO , I wish to sincerely thank you for a great job done with the Regional Seminar for Africa held here at HQ,in Vienna....

Petra Chiba has provided  her professional assistance  to an African regional  Network Seminar, organized in April 2009 by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Private Sector Development Branch (PSD), Vienna, Austria.She worked with the Seminar participants on the session focused on ‘Communication for Effective Networking’.She underlined that to communicate effectively as professionals one needs to be conscious of both his/her own verbal communication patterns and body language .Ms. Chiba demonstrated a number of cross-cultural techniques aiming at effective communication with network partners, local authorities and other stakeholders, either in spoken or written form, which can help achieving successful results in building professional networks at the national level. We thank for your session, you gave us  effective tools ,for  the networking. You  were  able to instil these issues in  the participants coming  from   different  cultures.

With  very best   regards, Inez Wijngaarde