VocalART aims -  Petra Chiba Sopran


The human voice is the most beautiful instrument to express the wide range of human emotion and reveal your own personality at the same time!

The voice captures all our feelings - even those who are forgotten or repressed.

Discover your own personal sound -  communication is music!

Petra Chiba and her VocalART studio Vienna (with a team of highly qualified musicians and trainers)  join you - when you "compose your own song"!

  • discover the voice as a mirror of your personality
  • be heard and listened to
  • achieve balance in "body and mind"
  • listen to the "lines in-between"
  • find out about the dialogue inside yourself
  • become who you always wanted to be!

Enjoy singing and speaking free of pressure or anxiety, and become an effictive communicator.

Contact for trainings, workshops, individual coaching:
office@petra-chiba.at;Tel.+43 (0)699 11517135

"Reach your limits and overcome them with your own nature!" (Petra Chiba)