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ARTeam of the VocalART studio Vienna

Petra ChibaAustria

Lyric Soprano; studied at the University of Music and Arts Vienna with Walter Berry. She is a freelance opera and concert singer and give recitals and self created soloprograms all over the world. In Austria and England she gave masterclasses with Paul Hamburger, one of Englands most famous accompanists and BBC producers. She sung with Roger Vignoles (who studied with Paul), Russel Ryan, Michael Hrubý and many others.She is specialised in personal developement training (Neuro linguistic programing, Short Focus Therapy of Steve de Shazer etc.). In her VocalART studio and in masterclasses she offers vocaltraining combined with personality coaching.
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Elisabeth Bauer, Austria

Dramatic soprano, has a pedagogic education for children and studied at the VocalART studio Vienna; she works as a soloist in opera and operetta productions in Austria.
Pedagogical consultant of the VocalART studio.




Ivan Buffa, Slovakia

He is pianist and composer; studied in Slovakia and Austria. He founded a chamber music ensemble LUX which interpretates own composed contemporary music of the members. He is accompanist and music theory teacher at the VocalART studio Vienna.




Rie Mukai, Japan

since her 4th birthday she has had piano lessons.In 2004 she moved to Vienna for studying paino with Prof.Norman Shetler.Since October 2004 she has been studying at the Anton Bruckner University Linz.She is accompanist at the VocalART studio Vienna.

....and a number of other trainers and teachers from the world of business and music who will introduce themselves on this page shortly!